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What is SAT?

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is standardized exam basically taken by those aspiring candidates who wish to study in USA. Introduced in 1925, it has changed its name and scoring system several times. Each year, this test is taken by more than 3 million students all over the world. The SAT is conducted seven times in a year in the United States of America and six times internationally. The main purpose of the test is to measure the readiness of the student in terms of reading, writing and mathematics for a success in college and beyond. It tests the ability of the candidates to analyze and solve problems using the basic skills they learned in their school.

Who takes SAT?

SAT is conducted by College Board that comprises more than 5700 schools, universities, colleges and other educational firms. It gives you an opportunity to know your academic strengths and apply them to solve the problems. It also helps you to connect to your scholarship prospects. Most of the educational firms consider SAT scores before making their admission decisions final. You need to flourish your skills each time if you want to survive in this highly informative world.

SAT exam provides you an opportunity to not only groom your skills but also apply them to reap productive results. The best way to prosper and succeed is to challenge yourself to excel the level of academic session. The SAT is globally trusted and recognized name to check your academic readiness for college. Or you can also say SAT exam acts as an intermediate between the hard work you already did in your school in past and future that you are about to create.

What are the Subjects for SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is broadly divided into two parts. SAT Reasoning and SAT subject based tests.SAT I Reasoning test is divided in three sections:-

Critical reading :

The purpose of this section of the test is to evaluate the reading skills of the test-taker. It measures how efficiently a candidate is able to grasp the core of the passage and draw logical relationships between the points. The questions are based either on a short passage or a long passage with multiple choice based questions.

Writing :

This section aims to gauze the writing skills of the examinee. It has essay type and multiple choice type questions. This section of the exam judges how conveniently a student is able to express his ideas and thoughts in Standard English language. The candidate must be able to prove that he can study in an English speaking environment without facing any difficulty in expressing his opinions and ideas.

Mathematics :

This 70 minute section of the exam is also known as calculative or quantitative section. There are three sections out of which two are of 25 minute duration and one is of 20 minutes. This section aims to judge the calculative skills of the examinee. Candidate needs to have sound knowledge about the algebra, calculations and scatter plots.

Another format of the exam is SAT II. It is a subject test which you can take if you aim to do so. This test is intended to test the knowledge of the test-taker in a specific subject. It is of one hour duration. Candidate is allowed to take 3 subject tests in a day, but combining any subject with SAT I is not allowed.


What is the Score System in SAT?

After you have completed the exam, scores will be given to you according to your level of knowledge and performance in the test. Firstly, you will be allotted raw scores and then those raw scored will be converted to scaled SAT scores. For multiple choice questions, a student will be granted 1 point for the correct answer in the raw score whereas any incorrect answer deducts 0.25 points from the raw score. Any correct answer from the Grids in math’s section too will be awarded with 1 point to the raw score but there is no penalty for incorrect answers in this section. Also unanswered questions do not affect the raw scores of the candidate.

For critical reading and Math section, students receive a single raw score. However, the raw score for writing section is comprised of two main components- raw score of essay and raw score of multiple choice questions. The raw score for essay is graded on a scale of 1 to 6 and an overall score of 2 to 12 by the two readers who evaluate the essay.

Finally, raw scores from each section are then converted into scaled score that is from 200-800. The scaled scores are based on a bell curve (a graphical representation of the scores) so that most scores fall in the range of 400-600. For an example, the same raw score from the math section would receive a scaled score of 600 on the bell curve.

 How to prepare fop SAT exam?

Before you board on the grueling journey to earn a good SAT score, it is advisable to strengthen your skills and knowledge before you appear for the exam. Follow a study plan to make best use of time. Cover all the sections of the exam properly. Work on essay writing. Essay writing involves quickness to relate and gather points and write them on a piece of paper. Utilize your time well. Practice lot and do not try to cram a few answers as it will not help at all.There are wide variety books available especially for the preparation of SAT. Reputed coaching institutions also promise to bring outstanding results.

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